The realisation of the knaek.box is a wonderful story, although the occasion was somewhat less so. The students missed Knaek in the lockdown, and so did we. At a certain point, the four faces in the head office also started to get boring. We wanted to be among students again.

The beginning

Your 2nd beer free, your 2nd burger free, the 2nd person free haircut, Knaek was everywhere among the students. In some cities the offer was even better than in others. If you went into town, you went with Knaek. Until one day you could no longer go into town. In high tide corona days, you were most likely sitting at home. Sure, all the online discounts still worked, but for the rest you probably wondered: what should I do with my Knaek in the lockdown?

The process

Despite this, you and countless other students have chosen to remain members of Knaek. New round, new opportunities. And we do not let opportunities pass us by. If students can't come to Knaek's partners, we will come to the students. Thus, the idea of the knaek.box was born. And then immediately 25,000 pieces. How to make it valuable, how to fill 25,000 boxes and how to get them to the student? By means of many brainstorming sessions, cutting deals, some serious rethinking, and an insane amount of help from our friends at Inclusief Group, we finally succeeded, after months of hard work.

The result

Considering that we essentially do everything in the Netherlands and Flanders with 4 full- timers, we can be very proud that this has come about alongside our regular activities. The result is worth it: your knaek.box contains 19 items from the Netherlands' most interesting and relevant brands for students. And you, as a paying member of Knaek, were the first to apply for and collect the knaek.box free of charge.