Games with dice are always a success at any party, so these dice are sure to come in handy. Moreover, you will receive a personal message from us to you. Last year you could not enjoy yourself as a student should, so this box is dedicated to you as a Knaeker. You may also share Knaek's happiness with 2 friends by using the attached link.

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Want to play an old-fashioned (drinking) game? With the 123 Ink card game in your pocket, you always have a trump card up your sleeve. Use it as a joker to turn a dull evening into an exciting battle. Challenge your friends or fellow students to a game of blackjack or show off your best poker face. Don't worry if your beer falls over, thanks to the smooth coating these cards can take a beating. Chances are that this game will last you the whole study period!

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Here. Our new Bavaria 0.0%


  • Tasting 293 0.0% beers from around the world
  • 5 years of research, tinkering and perfecting...
  • The purchase of a brand-new, ultramodern brewing installation
  • The fine-tuning of the perfect 0.0 beer recipe

With the new Bavaria 0.0%, we have a GOLDEN BEER in our hands!

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Coca Cola

Coca-Cola zero sugar has a new flavour and packaging! Because we always want to offer you the best taste, we created a sugar-free Coca-Cola that's even closer to the taste of the Coca-Cola original. We ask you to taste the new Coca-Cola zero sugar and want to know from you: is this the best Coca-Cola ever?

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HERE YOU GO! Croky chips with the taste of your favourite sauces! Maybe the best invention ever (after the academic quarter and beer for one euro then) 😊😊 Try our Croky chips & go for 100% fun during your well- deserved block break or a cosy evening with your friends at school. Enjoy our intense flavours and deliciously crispy bite now, because Croky chips are flavours that stay in your mouth.

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Paintball is a realistic battle that provides unforgettable moments. On our many paintball fields there is plenty of room to dive, run and hide. On the paintball field there are numerous objects where you can take cover and tactically flank your opponent. Climb into a lookout to give your team members cover or tiger through giant sewer pipes to surprise your opponents. Whether it snows or hails, you can play paintball all year round! In any event, get ready for an unforgettable game of paintball!

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Hero breakfast is a delicious crispy baked oat bar with natural honey. Hero Breakfast is made of oats and therefore a source of fibre, good to start your day with or as a snack.

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Hertog Jan

A 0.0 for beer lovers.

Our love for beer goes far, which is why we only settle for the best. Hertog Jan 0.0% is brewed with the same ingredients as our Pilsener. Balanced in taste and with a light bitterness. Fruity and deliciously refreshing. A 0.0 brewed out of love for beer.

The new Hertog Jan 0.0% is recognised as a 'beer-like' 0.0 with a nice balance between fruity and hoppy. You can also taste the recognisable Hertog Jan Pils flavour (fruity, hoppy, slightly bitter) in the new 0.0. Compared to the previous 0.0, this one is a lot less sweet and contains a lot less calories. In short, a 0.0 that makes you want to drink more of it.

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Naturally brewed soy sauce produced in the Netherlands.

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Lipton Ice Tea Green is a deliciously refreshing iced tea based on green tea. The iced tea is fresh and light and surprisingly low in sugar. This soft drink is best enjoyed ice-cold with a good crowd. All Lipton Ice Tea is 100% Rainforest Alliance certified. The 150ml can is a handy packaging to enjoy a refreshing Lipton Green on the go. Taste green, feel good!

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The sweet that you can enjoy for a long time! The Napoleon bullets are traditionally made sweets that you can enjoy for a long time, with a surprising powder in the core. Because they are individually wrapped, you can hand them out or enjoy them yourself! There are no artificial colours or flavours. All varieties are gluten-free and vegan, and the Napoleon Lemon, Fruit Mix and Raspberry are halal. As well as various fruit flavours, there are also Napoleon liquorice and black and white balls, and now also delicious DUO flavours, liquorice with fruit combinations and the Sunny and Cozy Mix with surprising flavours such as Pineapple-Coconut or Apple-Cinnamon.

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A sharp mind is a must to be able to flame. The new Sportlife Boost Focus contains vitamins B3 and B6. These vitamins stimulate the ability to concentrate and support the learning performance. No worries if you are stressed before an exam or have a long day of classes! And with the same unexpected freshness you know from Sportlife. Focus!

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Swapfiets x student life

Together we open up a new world.
For a fixed amount per month, you get a bike and we make sure it always works. This includes theft insurance & built-in double lock.

Work together with Swapfiets to cycle around without worries!

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